Vision Design Build Remodel Uses the Schluter®-Shower System

  • Cody Byrd
  • 06 Aug 2016
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Vision Uses the Schluter Shower System in a bathroom remodel

As a professional North Carolina Accredited Master Builder (AMB) and Accredited Remodeler (AR), Vision Design Build Remodel is dedicated to making sure your project satisfies you. We carefully research and choose quality materials for your project and we are meticulous in their installation. For this reason, we use the Schluter®-Shower System for all the tile showers we install, rather than the standard mud bed with a rubber pan. We have torn out many of the standard mud bed showers in the past because they were leaking.

Using this system, we can even go above and beyond code requirements for your project. For example, the NC building code requires a 10 minute water test for all tile pans or floors. That is the bare minimum. We conduct a 24 hour water test after each shower system is complete. First we place a plug in the drain and then we fill the bottom of the shower with 2“ of water. After the water is allowed to sit overnight, we return to make sure the water has not leaked anywhere. The waterproof system performs so well that we have never experienced any leaks.

We were recently able to apply this system in a bathroom remodel in Caldwell County. Our clients’ master bathroom was practically new, but they were not pleased with the design of the bathtub/shower unit. The original home owners had installed a drop-in jetted tub with a tile deck surround, a shower head in the tub area, and a rectangular shower curtain rod suspended from the ceiling. They avoided the jetted tub because black mold had formed in the pipes and spewed out at them when they filled the tub. In addition, there was no niche in the shower area for toiletries, and water damage was beginning to show up on the tile. Read about how the Schluter®-Shower System helps create the ideal shower area for your home.

From Schluter’s website:

The Schluter®-Shower System is an integrated family of products that form a fully bonded, watertight assembly for tiled showers. The our system eliminates the risk of failures due to water and vapor penetration and dramatically reduces total installation time. From drains to shower benches to waterproofing pipe seals, everything you need to ensure a dependable and watertight installation.